RobotEra Docs

Welcome to RobotEra

RobotEra is building a sandbox-like planet-rebuilding metaverse. You will become a robot, acquire resources from the planet, manage your own land, create robot companions, and participate in the creation of the world. Here, there is freedom to create everything you can imagine and start a new era with other robots.
RobotEra provides a shared multiverse that connects with other worlds, opening theme parks, concerts, museums, and more. Create, share, operate, explore, and trade in RobotEra with numerous NFT communities.

🚀 The infinite possibilities of RobotEra

At RobotEra, we're building a colorful Metaverse with all NFT communities
  • Participate in world creation, constructing buildings or creating NFTs
  • Use the editor to create land or robots
  • Explore special spaces and find rewards
  • Participate in quest challenges in the Central City and win rewards
  • Submit original works for display in museums
  • Participate in concerts and build an interactive ecosystem
  • Invite NFTs from other communities to enter the theme park
  • Build a new metaverse with other NFT communities
  • Manage an independent continent for events or group marketing opportunities