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The Story of RobotEra

🌎 The History of Taro

In a vast alpha galaxy, there is a planet called Taro. It is a beautiful world that has just experienced a cataclysm, where the aborigines and the original robots perished in a war between the two sides. A group of robots with human minds have now become the masters. Faced with a planet that is in ruins after the war, they will use their special abilities to restore the planet's past prosperity and create a more brilliant civilization and future.


Taro is full of vitality, the most beautiful planet in the nearby starfield. The people living on the planet are discreet and wise, creating a prosperous civilization from generation to generation and continuing a beautiful legend.
Just as the heavens don't always favor one person, the aborigines on Taro also brought about their own destruction. They never imagined the robots they developed would conflict with their creators and resist, to the point that a full-scale war broke out. In the end, the aborigines lost to the robots, and the human survivors chose to die with their enemy. As a result, the planet of Taro has lost its former vitality and become a bleak landscape.
At the last moment of the war, the human scientist Prosius finally achieved a key breakthrough in his research on the "robot singularity" and pressed the red button to activate a “new life” before he died. He detailed his plan in a protected document called "The Last Chance".
At this moment, the last aboriginal survivor died in the final explosion just as 10,000 robots of different forms hidden within the depths of the planet opened their eyes, all at the same time, and successfully possessed humanized thoughts and emotions.
Now, a new era of Taro is about to unfold.