RobotEra Docs

How to earn income in RobotEra

⚜️ Trading NFTs
Players who own continents will be able to earn money by creating and selling NFTs. The main NFTs in the game are land, robot companions, robot components, and more.
⚜️ Staking Tokens
Taro is in ruins, and it is a critical period for reconstruction. If you have excess tokens, you are welcome to pledge and invest in the planet. This will yield a decent passive income on a regular basis.
⚜️ Event Benefits
Enterprises or large teams can hold events on independent continents of Taro. There are many potential benefits for global exposure and increased popularity in RobotEra.
⚜️ Mining
Earn from exploring, mining, or participating in random events on Taro.
⚜️ Land Management
Earn from operating player continents or independent continents.
⚜️ Market Transactions
Earn from trading in the market.