RobotEra Docs

DAO Governance

On Taro there is no centralized official system and no centralized leadership, only a community organization jointly established by all users. All players can propose or decide the implementation strategy of their own faction, and they can decide the use of tokens in their own treasury. If you have good ideas and contributions, you can apply for Taro rewards, which will be a good income. We expect to see a diverse world on Planet Taro.
Players who want to participate in governance and become managers must pledge their tokens. Only players who have successfully deposited tokens can participate in voting. The final number of votes will determine who is the manager of their respective faction, and they will have the right to decide the future development direction of their respective forces. Of course, if the manager’s behavior does not meet the needs of the vast majority of people, that manager may also lose their status.
All players holding RobotEra assets will contribute and rebuild our Taro planet together. The reconstructed Taro will become a bright star in space.