Robots are RobotEra's main NFTs, and players will become Robots on the planet of Taro. Robots belong to seven different camps, each one with different attribute advantages.

🌟 Origin

The activation of scientist Prosius’ controversial last-ditch plan entitled "The Last Chance” caused the new robots who awoke to inherit a large number of thoughts, emotions, and information from different star domains and eras at one time at the beginning of their birth, and produced different thoughts in the subsequent analysis process. As a result, many robots with similar ideas formed their own factions and built special insignia to attach to their arms.

All the new robots formed a total of seven factions with different ideologies. They are Guardian Song, Ξ©, Justice League, Pioneer, War Academy, Lava, and Desire Paradise.

Since Taro had just experienced a cataclysm, it was time to rebuild Planet Taro, so all the robots agreed with each other that even if there were to be a fierce conflict, they would not destroy each other. This agreement was later defined as the "new contract agreement".

πŸ‘Ύ Powers and Features

1. Guardian Song:

They take it as their duty to protect Taro and do not allow anyone to desecrate or destroy; they aim to rebuild the civilization and have always hoped to restore the planet's past prosperity.

  • Faction characteristics: Guardian Song members attach importance to defense, and the robot companion produced will have a higher HP attribute bonus.

2. Ξ© :

This is a group or individuals active among various power groups. They advocate individualism and hope to maintain and determine the direction of the world with their personal abilities.

  • Power characteristics: Ξ© members have unique insights into attack and blood volume, and the robot companion produced will have a good attack and blood volume attribute bonus.

3. Justice League:

With the pursuit of fairness and justice at its core, their mission is clear and single-minded. Imbued with a strong sense for justice, they cannot tolerate even the slightest deviation from what they believe is right.

  • Faction characteristics: Justice League members attach importance to morale, and the robot companion produced will have a higher morale attribute bonus.

4. Pioneers:

Advocating continuous development and expansion, with the goal of integrating Planet Taro’s resources and facing the universe. In order to achieve their goals, they have formulated a long-term roadmap, and the stars and sea are their driving force.

  • Faction characteristics: Pioneers attach importance to attack and speed, and the robot companion produced will have a good attack and speed attribute bonus.

5. War Academy:

This is a group obsessed with knowledge and technology. They explore the unknown, and the only thing that can impress them is how to fill their "hard disk". But don't underestimate them. Any opponent who underestimates has become the raw material for their scientific research.

  • Faction characteristics: War Academy members attach importance to skills, and the robot companion produced will have higher skill attribute bonuses.

6. Lava:

They dare to face death and pursue a life that is geared towards death, believing that only in this way can civilisation break through the limits and create miracles. Taro has attracted a new opportunity after the war. Lava believes everyone should be brave to face a new reality, face difficulties, and have the spirit of life to death in order to go further and more firmly.

  • Power characteristics: Lava members attach importance to attack, and the robot companion produced will have a higher attack attribute bonus.

7. Desire Paradise:

It is believed that seven emotions and six desires are the most precious wealth left by God to human beings, but people have not developed them well, so that the war has failed. This group advocates to let go of the burden, let go of the rules, dig deep into hidden desires, open up your own small universe, and gain infinite power.

  • Faction characteristics: Desire Paradise members attach importance to blood volume and morale, and the robot companion produced will have good blood volume and morale attribute bonuses.

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