RobotEra's roadmap will be a little different, and the ecology will change with everyone's participation. Every quarter we bring exciting new content to the community.

2022 Q1

• Complete the creative tool Land Editor 1.0 • RobotEra official website launch • RobotEra promotion video released

2022 Q2

• Complete the design and production of Robot NFTs • Social media online operation, start external agency cooperation • RobotEra whitepaper V1 released

2022 Q3

• Completion and testing of Central City • Completion and testing of Robot Companion Editor 1.0 • Build and design the public continent

2022 Q4

• Robotera Metaverse Design • Launch of Public presale • Robotera Character NFT Design • Robotera Demo Design

2023 Q1

•Robotera Metaverse Overall Design •3D Artists Design for Robotera •Robotera Demo Video - Imminence Release

2023 Q2

•Completion of Public Presale •Robotera Character NFT Release •Technical Infrastructure Construction and Multi-player Server Test •Player Self-define Robotera Editor Release •Battle System Development •Creator Recruitment and Robotera Editor Creation Contest

2023 Q3

•Robotera Land NFT Presale •Robotera NFT Gallery Launch, Presenting Character NFT, Land NFT and by product •Robotera Battle System Launch

2023 Q4

• Robotera Metaverse Release, Combining Robotera World, Robotera Editor, Robotera Adventure • Robotera DAO Establishment with Continuous Development

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