🌲Belief in the Sacred Tree

The war between the aborigines and the robots has brought destruction and new life. The newborn robots found seven different "sacred trees" in different locations on Taro. They are the miracles left over after the war and the welfare of nature.

After they were discovered by major camps, they were transplanted to the Central City of Taro and planted. Whenever anyone went there, they couldn't help but take care of her and express her heart. Gradually, she became a symbol that carried the core ideals of the major camps and was endowed with its special meaning – belief in the sacred tree.

With the passage of time, the sacred tree seems to be able to understand everyone's voice, and under everyone's efforts, it has produced new fruits.

In the game, players who belong to the same camp can go to the sacred tree of their own faction in Central City and consume resources to take care of it. When certain conditions are met, all players of the same faction will be able to obtain Token, the main currency of Taro, which will be a considerable amount of income.

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