1. Seven Continents

Planet Taro became fragmented in the war between the aborigines and the robots, and the rebuilding of the planet is imminent. When everyone discussed how to rebuild Taro together, the various forces found serious differences due to different ideas. The various forces put forward seven different ideas, and none of them could convince the other to compromise.

In the end, the seven major forces decided to go their separate ways. They scattered to various continents of the planet and rebuilt and reorganized their new homeland with their own camp characteristics, which was also called the "Seven Continents of the New World" by later generations.

Among the Seven Continents of the New World, each continent consists of numerous player lands of different sizes. They are randomly generated by the system and have very rich terrain for players to explore and play such as plains, hills, deserts, forests, islands, and more. Moreover, each continent has its own unique resources, and they are the necessary raw materials for the production of their own unique robot companions. Exploring and collecting them will be your key to growing stronger.

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